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Project Bulletin For December 2021

   Thursday 2nd December, 2021  -  Link to this article

Welcome to our Project Bulletin for December 2021

In this Bulletin you can read about:

  • Next steps for Fingerboards Minerals Sands Project following EES assessment
  • Our Latest TV Ads on our Employee's
  • Round 3 Community Grants Program Recipients
  • Round 4 Community Grants Program Now Closed
  • Update on our Nursery

Next steps for The Fingerboards Minerals Sands Project following EES assessment

Kalbar Operations has acknowledged the Minister’s recent assessment of the Fingerboards Mineral Sands project and confirms it is progressing work to move the project forward.

Kalbar CEO Jozsef Patarica said the EES process has been effective in allowing all stakeholders to have a voice in respect of their views on the Project. The Minister’s assessment now provides the direction to take the next steps with statutory decision makers.

“We are confident that this project can operate in harmony with the local community, environment and industries, including the horticultural industry,” said Mr Patarica.

“To this end we are thoroughly reviewing the detail of the Minister’s assessment while progressing ongoing studies required for the project.

“We are passionate about working with the East Gippsland community to advance the project and deliver the jobs and opportunities that will help secure this area’s future prosperity.

“Among all commodities mined across Australia, mineral sands mines have achieved the highest rehabilitation outcomes. We have a detailed plan that will raise the bar to new heights of excellence in mining and rehabilitation.

“Mineral sands mining has a long and proud history in Australia, and demand is only increasing. Fingerboards is a globally significant project that would contribute to delivering minerals essential to technology, transport, communications and renewable energy.”

TV Ads on some of our Local Employee's:

Check out our YouTube page below!

Round 3 Community Grants Program Recipient - Gippsland Vehicle Collection Inc.

Our Community Grants Program has allowed The Gippsland Vehicle Collection Inc. to enhance their rail precinct display, by enabling the extension of their current rail track to display further historically significant rolling stock. Such as the ex - Vacuum Oil VTQY tanker and a GY wagon, once the backbone of general rail freight in Gippsland.

Please click the link below for more information about our Community Grants Program:

Round 4 of our Community Grants Program is now closed

Kalbar's Community Grants Program is now closed for November 2021. Our 2021 Community Grants Program has been able to support the prosperity of 15 local non-for-profit community organisations thus far, and we are delighted to be able to support another five passionate community organisations, with five $2,000 grants on offer. Our Community Grants Program aims to provide long lasting benefits to the local community, with projects that will enhance the future and quality of life for the community, in the following criteria; health, aged care, education, arts, conservation, and sport/recreational.

Community organisations within the East Gippsland and Wellington Shire regions were encouraged to apply. Successful applications will be contacted shortly!

Seed Production Nursery - Update

  • Over the past four months seed from a range of species has been propagated and these are now becoming ready for planting and storage.
  • The key focus for the nursery team over November is to get as many plants as possible from those propagated species installed into crop beds.
  • Other activities happening at the nursery are:
    • maintaining existing crops (e.g., watering, weeding, feeding, pest control).
    • Seed collection from older crops.
    • Upgrading external nursery perimeter screening.
    • Scoping wild sites across the region for new species to be brought into production at the seed nursery.

For further information about the Fingerboards Project:

Telephone: 03 5152 3130
Freecall: 1800 791 396

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