Project Bulletin

Project Bulletin September 2021

   Thursday 2nd September, 2021

Welcome to our Project Bulletin for September 2021

In this Bulletin you can read about:

  • Application for Mining Licence - feedback closed 25 August
  • Round 3 Community Funding Grants now open
  • Open letter to the East Gippsland community

Application for Mining Licence

On 21 July 2021, Kalbar announced that it had lodged an application for a Mining Licence (ML) with the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR). Advertisements were placed in the Bairnsdale Advertiser, Gippsland Times and The Weekly Times newspapers.

The application was re-advertised on 4 August with the feedback period closing on Wednesday 25 August.

Details of the ML application are also available on the Fingerboards Project website.

Community Grants Program Round 3 is now open

The Kalbar Operations Community Grants Program is now open and we are accepting applications for Round 3.

Round 3 offers five $2,000 grants to support community initiatives that enhance the quality of life, heritage, recreation and cultural opportunities that provide long last benefits to the wider community.

Grant funding is available to community groups across the East Gippsland and Wellington Shire areas who have projects that meet educational, recreational, environmental and social criteria.

Applications for Round 3 close at 5 pm on Thursday 30 September 2021.

To apply, please go to

Open letter to the East Gippsland community

On Wednesday 25 August Kalbar wrote an open letter to the East Gippsland community reinforcing our commitment to community and that we are offering to establish a community fund to mitigate the impact on community of Council’s spend on costs incurred for participating in the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process.

We have not yet received Council’s response but we hope to receive a positive response. A copy of the letter is provided below and can also be found on our website:


Wednesday 25 August, 2021

I write to you regarding a letter I have sent the CEO of East Gippsland Shire Council related to Council’s expenditure to date for participating in the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process for the Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project.

For Kalbar Operations (Kalbar), the community is at the heart of everything we do, and our passion is to work together to bring a bright and positive future - whether it’s boosting the local economy, creating jobs or working with the Traditional Owners to create opportunities for the indigenous community.

We are concerned by recent reports in the Bairnsdale Advertiser on the significant costs incurred by the Council to participate in the EES process. Kalbar does not believe these costs should be passed on to the local community through increased rates or be at the expense of vital community projects being scrapped or delayed.

Given these concerns, and with the community front of mind, Kalbar offers to establish a community fund which would operate to minimise the impact on the East Gippsland community.

Our proposal is that once the Fingerboards Project is approved for development, the fund would be established. To ensure proper governance, and that the money is spent for the community’s benefit, the fund would be managed by a committee consisting of prominent local business people, Council representatives and Kalbar representatives.

I have let Council know that I would welcome an opportunity to meet to discuss the fund and the quantum of costs incurred to date which I believe is in the order to $800,000.

For further information about the Fingerboards Project:

Telephone: 5152 3130
Freecall: 1800 791 396