Project Bulletin

Project Bulletin - September 2020 v2

   Thursday 17th September, 2020

Welcome to our latest project bulletin.

In this bulletin you can read about:

  • About the EES
  • How the EES was prepared
  • How to access the EES
  • Making a submission
  • Questions

Feedback on the EES

Since the Fingerboards Project EES went to public exhibition on Thursday 3 September 2020, we have received feedback on Attachment F - Risk Report in the hard copies of the EES that have been requested. People have requested the Risk Report with larger font size.

As well as providing larger A3-size copies of the Risk Report to community members upon request, we have uploaded a Word version of the document on the Fingerboards EES website to make it easier for everyone to enlarge the tables and text on screen or to print larger copies at home.

Recapping - about the EES

The Environment Effects Statement (EES) presents the findings of the assessment of potential positive and negative impacts of the project.

The EES provides information about the project, including a description of the proposed activities, relevant alternatives, potential environmental, health and socioeconomic issues, and assesses project impacts.

Measures are proposed to avoid, mitigate, and/or offset significant potential impacts. The EES also sets out an environmental management framework under which the project will be managed, and the environmental outcomes that must be achieved.

How the EES was prepared

The EES responds to requirements set out in the Scoping Requirements for the Fingerboards Project issued by the Minister for Planning in March 2018.

The scoping requirements identify the specific matters to be investigated and documented in the EES. Further details of the scoping requirements are provided at

The EES process is managed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). DELWP convened a technical reference group (TRG) for the project, and in conjunction with the TRG, provided guidance to Kalbar throughout the assessment process.

How to access the EES

All EES documentation is available on line at

In addition to the EES Main Report, attachments and appendices, summary documents and guide on how to navigate the EES are available on the website.

For those who have difficulty accessing the on line documents, alternative arrangements can be made for delivery of a USB containing all documents, or in special circumstances, for hard copies to be provided.

Making a submission

Details on how to make a submission are provided on line at

Do you have any questions?

Questions relating to the:

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