Project Bulletin

Project Bulletin - July 2020

   Thursday 9th July, 2020

Welcome to our first Project Bulletin for July 2020

In this bulletin you can read about:

  • EES Key Findings webinar and Q&As - now online
  • Update on EES and process leading up to public exhibition
  • Important update on EOIs for receiving alternate/hard copies of exhibited EES documentation
  • Society for Ecological Restoration
  • Perth office closes

EES Key Findings webinar and Q&As - now online

On Monday 6 July 2020 we uploaded the EES Key Findings webinar to the Fingerboards website – it can be found here. All questions submitted prior to the webinar, together with all questions submitted during the webinar, have been compiled into one Q&A document and this has also been uploaded and can be viewed here.

Update on EES and process leading up to public exhibition

Kalbar continues to consult closely with DELWP while finalising our EES in the lead-up to public exhibition. The EES adequacy review process is progressing, ahead of Kalbar submitting the Fingerboards EES to the Minister for Planning to consider. The Minister needs to authorise the proposed EES, for exhibition and public comment to proceed.

In parallel we are also liaising with DELWP to understand the likely process and procedures for exhibition and public access to copies of the exhibited EES documents in light of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

The Minister for Planning would need to specify updated procedures and requirements associated with the EES exhibition, which would be published on the DELWP website. This has not occurred at this stage. Kalbar will also provide further updates and relevant details as they come to hand via future Bulletins.

Important update on EOIs for receiving alternate/hard copies of exhibited EES documentation

Under the current COVID-19 restrictions it is very unlikely there will be hard copies of EES documents available to view at local libraries and government offices, as is normally the case during EES exhibition. However, Kalbar is working with DELWP to understand how to avoid delays and disadvantage for any community members wanting to review the EES and make a submission.

We continue to invite expressions of interest (EOI) as to how members of the public would like to receive copies of the EES and associated documents. Please note 26 June is not a deadline for such EOIs – there is no deadline at this stage. The options include receiving the EES uploaded to a USB; uploaded to an electronic device for hire; or hard copies of the EES Report, or a hard copy of the EES Report together with all the Technical Studies.

The applicable costs and timeframes for Kalbar’s provision of EES copies to any interested parties need to be confirmed in consultation with DELWP and are likely to be covered in updated procedures and requirements for the EES exhibition. However, these are yet to be determined by the Minister.

Kalbar's connection to the Society for Ecological Restoration

The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) is a global community of restoration professionals from Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Europe and the Americas who are actively involved in the ecologically-sensitive repair and recovery of degraded ecosystems utilising a broad array of experiences, knowledge sets, and cultural perspectives.

Kalbar’s Manager Ecological Restoration, Dr Paul Gibson-Roy, presented (via webinar) a discussion and findings from the 2020 Australian Native Seed Sector Report to more than 160 SER members and guests in early July.

Paul is one of the authors of this Report which was produced under the auspices of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation and launched in March this year. The report highlights how much change is needed in the native seed sector for large scale environmental works to be possible in Australia. Of greatest need is a commitment to seed production - a key commitment made by Kalbar as part of our Fingerboards Project rehabilitation plans.

The Report also highlights the lack of species diversity used in restoration across Australia, and another key Kalbar commitment is to restore a high diversity grassy woodland, setting us apart from a concerning sector-wide trend.

You can learn more about the Australian Native Seed Survey Report which is highlighted on our Fingerboards Project website here and find out more about the Society for Ecological Restoration on this link -

Kalbar's Perth office has closed

Kalbar’s office at 48 Bailey Street, Bairnsdale is now the registered headquarters for Kalbar Operations Pty Ltd. The former headquarters located at Level 1, 1002 Hay Street, Perth closed on 30 June 2020.

All post for Kalbar Operations Pty Ltd should now be directed to:
Kalbar Operations Pty Ltd
PO Box 680
Bairnsdale Vic 3875

Our office at 48 Bailey Street, Bairnsdale remains closed to the public respecting current COVID-19 restrictions, however the office telephone – 03 5152 3130 – is staffed from 8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday for any enquiries about the Fingerboards Project and the EES process.

Further information on the Fingerboards Project

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