Project Bulletin

Project Bulletin - January 2020

   Thursday 30th January, 2020

Welcome to our latest Project Bulletin

In this bulletin you can read about:

  • EES public exhibition
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Kalbar in the community

Fingerboards Project EES public exhibition

Kalbar is acutely aware of the stress being experienced by the community and key stakeholders within East Gippsland as a result of the recent bushfires. The company recognises that the continued threat of further bushfires within the region and the huge recovery efforts currently being undertaken are at the forefront of community thoughts. As such, Kalbar believes that the timing of the Fingerboards EES exhibition requires careful consideration of the prevailing conditions within the region. We anticipate that this will entail ongoing assessment of the situation within East Gippsland, consultation with stakeholders, and continuous liaison with DELWP to determine the appropriateness of the timing of the public exhibition period.

Any input that you have on the timing of the exhibition period is welcomed, and your input will be considered to help determine the best timing of the EES exhibition.

Stakeholder Consultation

The company is also reviewing the stakeholder engagement plan in recognition of the situation. After consultation with stakeholders and review by DELWP, we will revise and communicate this plan to the broader community.

Kalbar in the Community

As members of the community, our staff and our business continue to assist on a number of fronts with the relief and recovery efforts in the region.

This has included:

  • Staff volunteering at relief centres
  • Staff assisting with delivery of supplies to fire-affected communities
  • Providing mobile equipment to enable the storage and distribution of fresh produce to fire-affected communities
  • Temporary housing of livestock

Further information on the Fingerboards Project

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