Project Bulletin

Project Bulletin - 4 December 2019

   Wednesday 4th December, 2019

Welcome to our latest Project Bulletin

In this Bulletin you can read about:

  • The independent Peer Review of Technical Studies for the Environment Effects Statement
  • Our “drop-in” community consultation session on 11th & 12th December
  • Information about the recently erected Kalbar billboard at Stratford
  • Opportunities for Kalbar sponsorship

Independent peer review of Technical Studies

Key Technical Studies covering Air Quality, Water and Rehabilitation have undergone a process of peer review by independent experts appointed by DELWP.

Kalbar has been provided with recommendations from the peer review process which have been incorporated into additional investigations and final review of the studies.

Air Quality

Revision of the Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions study, based on the peer review, has included:

  • Incorporation of recent legislative changes (Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018).
  • Revisions to background monitoring data to account for seasonal variations.
  • Inclusion of best practice air quality monitoring and management from other mineral sands mines in Victoria.
  • Further clarification of dust modelling results.
  • Inclusion of measures to test water quality in water tanks at surrounding residences
The Air Quality study has been informed by dust monitoring undertaken in accordance with EPA requirements.

Surface Water and Groundwater

Revision of the Surface Water and Groundwater studies, based on the peer review, includes:

  • Further design work on the key elements of on-site water storage.
  • Inclusion of key water management features and activities at major milestones through the project life.
  • Further assessment of potential impacts on groundwater aquifers.


Revision of the Rehabilitation study, based on the peer review, includes:

  • Clarification of the relationship between the relevant technical reports, the EES and the regulatory framework for mine rehabilitation, decommissioning and closure.
  • Restructuring and simplification of objectives, goals and principles for mine rehabilitation.
  • Additional work to document geotechnical risks associated with mine rehabilitation, as identified in geotechnical reports.
  • Review and update of key concerns raised by community members.
The Fingerboards mine rehabilitation proposes to return the site to agriculture and native grassy woodland.

'Drop-in' consultation session

We are holding a ‘drop-in’ community consultation and information session over two days to provide an opportunity for community members to speak with us about the EES Technical Studies.

These sessions provide an opportunity for community members to discuss issues about the EES Technical Report findings in detail with Kalbar staff and raise any questions or concerns.

We invite all interested community members to come along and find out more about the EES Technical Studies and provide any feedback.

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th December 2019
Anytime between 2pm and 7pm
TAFE Gippsland – Bairnsdale Campus
32 Main Street, Bairnsdale
Lecture Theatre
Building 2

The EES will soon be lodged with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

The EES exhibition in 2020 will enable community members to read all final EES documents and make submissions.

Kalbar Billboard

To assist in informing the community about the Fingerboards project and directing people to our website for information in the lead up to exhibition of the EES, Kalbar took up space on a billboard in Stratford.

The billboard uses this image:

The connection between mineral sands mining and renewable energy technology is well-documented. Rare earths are essential ingredients in the turbines for wind farms and the batteries for electric vehicles, among many other products.

Further information about the uses of minerals proposed to be extracted at the Fingerboards Project is available at the link below:

The billboard is owned by a large advertising company and complies with local government regulations. It has been used for many campaigns prior to Kalbar’s. Kalbar has paid the advertising company to use the billboard.

The billboard sits on land owned by the owners of Stratford Marine. The only involvement the owners of Stratford Marine have is to receive a small rental payment from the advertising company. They have no say in any campaign on the billboard. Following the installation of our billboard, the property owners have received some abuse and been threatened by opponents to the mine with loss of business if they do not take it down. They were understandably quite upset.

Kalbar opposes any form of bullying or abuse.

We ask that opponents of the mine understand that the owners of Stratford Marine do not control what is on the billboard. Communication about the billboard should be directed to Kalbar and not the property owners