Kalbar Conversations Column

Fingerboards Pastoral Company

   Wednesday 9th June, 2021

Why has Kalbar Operations developed a pastoral company?

The available farming land within and adjacent to the Fingerboards mineral sands project area has made an agricultural enterprise possible and grazing is a viable means of maintaining the land. Kalbar Operations has established a pastoral company called Fingerboards Pastoral Pty Ltd to manage the land.

We are investing in agriculture in the East Gippsland region to showcase how mining, farming, land management and nature conservation can co-exist and provide multiple benefits for the local community.

Fingerboards Pastoral is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kalbar Operations Pty Ltd. The company was established in May this year after months of planning. We want the name to be identified with the Fingerboards area where the farming will occur.

What are your plans for a pastoral company?

Fingerboards Pastoral will run as a commercial farming operation. Initially, it will be focussed as a livestock operation running sheep and cattle within and adjacent to the Fingerboards project area. In time, we will look towards developing cropping and mixed farming and we expect it to be self-sufficient within a few years.

Who will manage your pastoral company?

An experienced farm manager from the local area will manage Fingerboards Pastoral. We have developed a business plan and the farm manager will provide oversight of what infrastructure and improvements are required to the land. This will include review of fencing, dams, stock yards, weed management, pest and vermin control.

Will the pastoral company create any employment opportunities?

The broader vision of Fingerboards Pastoral is to look at opportunities for young people to work on the farm under a skills development, work experience-type program, with the potential to continue on to further education or employment opportunities.

John Francisco - Project Director